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  • The sealing belt is mainly used for the transportation of materials in port, grain, metallurgy, mine, electric power, coal, casting, chemical industry, thermoelectricity, cement and other fields. It is installed on the loading and unloading conveyor for transporting bulk materials, which can not only prevent rain and snow, dust, but also meet the requirements of free movement l...
  • Bucket elevator conveyor belt has good adaptability to block materials and is suitable for vertical transportation of materials. It is widely used in building materials, mining, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, power, grain and other departments 1. Before starting bucket elevator conveyor belt, the operator should check whether the fasteners of the equipment are...
  • Firstly, we must know the reasons for reducing the service life of conveyor belt. 1. The quality of its raw materials is not good 2. The storage environment and method of conveyor belt are wrong 3. Improper use of conveyor belt or conveyor itself causes the service life of conveyor belt to be shortened Let's talk about the storage environment and method of con...