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Daily Maintenance Of Bucket Elevator Belt
Time:2017/9/19 Click:4870

Bucket elevator conveyor belt has good adaptability to block materials and is suitable for vertical transportation of materials. It is widely used in building materials, mining, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, power, grain and other departments

1. Before starting bucket elevator conveyor belt, the operator should check whether the fasteners of the equipment are fastened. If any looseness is found, it should be tightened in time.

2. Check whether there is oil in the gear reducer and each lubrication point, if not, oil should be added.

3. Check whether the bucket is missing or loose, if yes,  it should be timely handled.

4. Check whether the belt is out of alignment and stretching, if yes, it should be adjusted in time.

5. Check the bottom of the bucket elevator for material plugging, if any, should be cleaned promptly.

6. Check whether the transmission device, conveyor belt is elongated, if yes, it should be adjusted or replaced.

7. The equipment shall be emptied and the materials in the machine shall be removed after operation completed. Then, shut down the motor.