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EP conveyor belt
Product introduction

With the advantages of thin belt with light weight, high tensile strength, fatigue and wear resistance, erosion resistance of water/steam/chemical, good impact resistance, excellent groove formation ability, low elongation, good stability ever heated and long service life, it’s the developing trend of fabric conveyor belt. It is mainly used in harsh condition of long distance, heavy-load, high-chemical corrosive etc, it is especially suitable for transporting in moist environment. 

Product parameters

Belt Type Fabric Type Single Fabric Strength(N/mm) Single Fabric Thickness(mm) Cover thickness Ply Width Range(mm) Length(m) Roll
Top Rubber Bottom Rubber
Nylon Belt NN100 100 0.7 3 4.5 6.0 10.0 1.5 3.0 6.0 10.0 2-10 300-4200 20-400
NN150 150 0.75
NN200 200 0.9
NN250 250 1.15
NN300 300 1.25
NN400 400 1.5
EP Belt EP100 100 0.75 2-8 300-4200 20-400
EP150 150 0.85
EP200 200 1
EP250 250 1.2
EP300 300 1.35
EP350 350 1.5
EP400 400 1.65
Cotton canvas Belt CC-56 56 1.1 3-12 300-4200 20-400

Product advantages

Based on different rubber cover,the multi-ply conveyor belt can be clarified as follows : Normal Standard,Heat-resistant,Flame-resistant,Abrasion-resistant,Normal fire-resistant,Static-transmission,Acid-alkali resistant,Oil-resistant and Food type.

Type                Feature and Application
Conventional    Generally used for power,grain and block material.
Oil/fat resistant    Oil,fat material
Acid&alkali resistant    PH4-10material
Heat resistant    T1≤100℃,T2≤125
High temperature resistant     T3≤150℃,T4≤180℃,Fire Resistant:200-600
Flame retardant    Extinguishing the flame quickly.
Cold- resistant    Cold up to -40
Abrasion resistant    Anti-shock for shaped material