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Bucket Elevator belt
Product introduction

Our special high intensity steel wire belt is completely different with traditional belt at the belt thickness, steel wire density, warp and woof layout and steel wire thickness ect. Such belt composing the steel skeleton both in longitudinal and transeverse ensure the safety of connectivity and load balanced distribution of the bucket. The using effect show that such special steel wire belt completely satisfied the requirement of mass transportation volume and ultrahigh heave.

Recent years, Design lnstitute scientific researcher strived to make technological breakthrough, improved the formula, material and processing technic. The new developed steel wire belt have a higher moment temperature resistance which can reach to 180℃, and make N—TGD elevator apply to high temperature pulverized material conveying. 

Bucket width(mm) 250 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1400 1600
 Bucket volume(L) 5 6.5 14.6 18 29 37 58 73 99 114
Conveying Capacitym³/H Φ100% 85 117 225 280 450 570 950 1255 1547 1780
Φ75% 63 88 168 210 338 428 712 941 1160 1335
Lifting height(m) >100 >100 >100 >120 >120 >120 >130 >130 >130 >130


①The bucket volume is the volume when taking water,Φ is the material filling ratio.

②The maximum lifting height is the center distance C between the head shaft and the tail shaft.

Product advantages

The perfect combination of water jet cutting technology

Programed control system with screen operation interface

Regular configuration matched with computer data inputting

Precise holes diameter with+/-0.3mm tolerance

The space of holes and rowed holes 100% in conformance with the drawing

Cold drilling,rubber performance secured

Perfect belt appearance,satisfied delivery to the customers